From Ancient Caves to Royal Palaces, eggs have formed part of folklore and tradition.

 Ancient Chinese gave coloured eggs as gifts during spring fertility festivals. Egyptians heralded eggs as the source of all life. Romans broke eggs to ward off evil spirits. Russians hung eggs from crosses on graves to ensure safe passage of the spirit. Other cultures buried eggs in farmland to promote good crops.

 In Australia we are familiar with the giving of eggs at Easter. A custom that dates back to the twelfth century when red dyed eggs were used in Church services. The red colour symbolised Christ's Blood, the egg New Life.

 Over the centuries Egg Decorating has become more sophisticated. It was in the late 1800's this art was brought to popularity by the Russian Jeweller Carl Faberge.

Carl Faberge was the most famous Egg Artist in recent times although he never actually made or designed an egg himself.

The Imperial Easter Eggs, made between 1894 and 1916 for the Russian Royal Family, were his most famous works. The Replica "eggs" were made of precious metals and covered in sparkling jewels. All contained a surprise gift.

These Faberge Eggs became the inspiration for modern Egg Artistry. Towards the end of World War 11 visitors to an English exhibition of Faberge Eggs thought they would experiment with Egg Art. Using real Eggshells and Replica jewels modern Egg Artistry was born.

Today's technology provides endless opportunities for new designs. Diamond Dental Drills, Miniature Electronics, Clocks and Music Boxes are all used to create unique Eggscapes.

The Guild first began in South Australia in 1982. Beginners classes, workshops and exhibitions are held regularly to promote Egg Art. Interstate and International seminars provide valuable experience in advanced techniques. A regular magazine keeps members up to date with new designs, materials and technology.

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History of the Egg Artistry Guild of Australia

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