Regular Egging Tools and Supplies

 What are RETS? Anything that you find useful to help you in your work. Below are items which are classed in this category - you will probably have some of these already.



Manicure or Decoupage
Small pointed curved scissors for cutting prints, braids, ribbons etc

Straight scissors for cutting linings, paper, cardboard etc


 Fine pointed tweezers straight and curved
 Egg Holders Commercial holders, bamboo skewers with rubber bands
Wooden or foam block to support holders
 Paint Brushes A mixture of smaller sizes and shapes good quality soft and medium hardness.
Sponge Applicators or mini rollers also

Paints etc        

 No fire Ceramic paints, Craft or Folk art paints, Acrylic paint, Sealer, Varnish, Gold Leaf Size, Mod Podge, Glitter
Pens &  Pencils

Permanent Markers, Rubbers, Pencil Sharpener etc

Sponges A car washing sponge with centre hollowed out to egg shape
Flat sponge, towel, tea towel, etc to protect egg during working
Files / Sanders

Nail files, Small craft files, Rubber scrubbers, very fine emery paper


Tacky, Aquadhere, Araldite
Glue Bottles Small bottle with needle fine nozzle.
Syringes with either Straight or Curved nozzle
Pliers / Cutters

Two pairs of small pointy nosed pliers.
One pair of small wire cutters

Egg Marker Several Commercially available, Templates for door shapes etc

 Cutting Tool    

Dremel, Arlec, Air Drill, RotoFlex Vacuum Drill
To be used with Diamond Tipped Dental Drills.
Safety Equipment Cutting Box, Rubber Gloves, Safety Glasses, Dust Mask, Exhaust


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